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Park Introduction

The Civil Affairs Office of Dayuan District, Taoyuan adheres to the concept of carefully attending to the funeral rites of parents and following them when gone with due sacrifices and benefiting the village, and provides more diversified services for family members, in order to achieve the goal of "remembering the ancestors and stabilizing future generations", and cooperates with the overall development plan of Taoyuan Aviation City and accelerating local public construction, then proposed the 22nd cemetery Jinbaotang and Lingbaotang sites in the Dayuan District urban plan. After the evaluation plan, the original building was demolished, and the Life Memorial Hall was built. The storage capacity of ashes (skeleton) urns was added to meet the future demand of cabinets for storing cinerary urns from the relocation and resettlement of the tombs in the industrial zone for the expansion project of Taoyuan International Airport and the third runway expansion project.
Before the restructuring of the Taoyuan administrative district, the head of Dayuan Township Office, Lu ShuiTian, was actively struggling to obtain the agreement of the Taoyuan County Government to subsidize NT$ 276,845,056 for the aviation noise prevention fee of the Taoyuan County Environmental Protection Bureau. From September 21, 2014, the first phase of the project will be carried out. Feng Yuezhong Architects will be responsible for the planning, design, and supervision, while Yuanqi Construction Co., Ltd. undertook the construction. Later, the reorganized Mayor Zheng Wencan of the Taoyuan Municipal Government agreed to set a budget of NT$ 48 million for the second phase of the project, which was undertaken by Jiayang Construction Co., Ltd.
The whole building was opened on January 15, 2018. In order to enhance the quality of services for ancestors and the public, the district office also sought from the city government for additional staff and obtained the support of Mayor Zheng; it is expected to enhance hardware facilities, and improve service quality at the same time. It is believed that in this magnificent and compassionate environment, the ancestors and heroes will be able to obtain the best resting place, and future generations will be able to worship their relatives and ancestors with peace of mind.